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Access Control

Access Control

We have been offering a wide range of products and systems for domestic and commercial properties since 2000.

With the CCTV, we offer a maintenance agreement that services the system a number of times per year. The number of visits required for this per year is dependant on how big the system is, and how often the system is used.

For any access control installation quotation requests or if you would like a quotation on a service agreement with us, please fill in the estimate form(s) and email to us with as many details as possible so we can be as accurate as is possible with pricing. Alternatively you can call the office number and discuss this with a member of our sales team.

Access Control

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Access Control

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For our access control installations, we use the following systems:

Paxton Proximity Access Control

Proximity Access control gives you control over who has access to your building. Keys also do this - so what is the difference? When you lose a key, you have the expense and inconvenience of replacing locks and all the other keys, or accept that your building is no longer secure.

Proximity Access Control Systems allow you to void an individual 'key' (a card or keyfob). There is no need to replace any locks or keys. Proximity is a user friendly, reliable and convenient way to unlock a door. No more searching for keys or locks getting jammed.

Companies that use Proximity discover that their building is secure from casual intruders; Proximity gives easy, convenient access for those who have a right to enter the building.

Paxton Switch2 - A high security Access System that does not require a PC

Switch2 is suitable for external use in applications requiring high levels of security. Comprising a separate unit and reader (the control unit is installed in a safe area to avoid tampering), Switch2 Systems are a scalable, easy to manage access solution ideal for small to medium sites. Switch2 uses a token management system; and is available with Proximity, Magstripe and Keypad variants.

Paxton Switch 2

Net2 - A PC based networked system

Net2 is an advanced, PC based access control solution. Net2 offers centralised administration and control of sites from one to hundreds of doors and with up to 10,000 users. Perfectly tailor access privileges to groups or individuals quickly and easily using intuitive, user-friendly software. Event reports can be generated in a few clicks and the single door architecture makes specifying, installing and maintaining the system easy. Advanced features such as site graphics, IP camera integration and 'Triggers and Actions' further extend the capabilities of this cutting edge system.

Net2 - Pc based network system

Net2 can be expanded to control any number of remote office locations from one centralised location, all that is required is the installation of Net2 software on a dedicated PC which is then linked by a permanent connection to each location via a Wide Area Network (WAN). The Net2 system may be accessed by users with valid operator privileges to make changes from any location running Net2 software on the WAN. Where car park areas are included within the system a 'Hands Free Keycard' may be integrated into the system to open gate barriers etc from up to 50m away. This same technology may be used within warehouse areas where hands free operation would be of substantial benefit.

Digital Door Locks

Digital Door Locks

We supply and install digital push button locks for both home and office uses, and to schools, hospitals and colleges, where the need to restrict access to areas where confidential or dangerous materials are kept is important. Alternatively you may use a keyless door lock as a controlled gateway between or into specific buildings or offices. With the increase in numbers of home workers, our customers find our keyless door locks are ideal for securing away important or company confidential documents.

Mag Locks

Typical maglocks use a pull principle in order to achieve their holding force. A shear maglock typically uses mechanical locking tabs and grooves in order to increase its holding force. The advantages of shear maglocks:

Mag Lock
  • Can be installed in a mortise configuration (concealed) or surface
  • Concealed installation offers better security and appearance
  • Greatly higher holding force (typically 2,500 lbs or more)
  • Available as surface mount units
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TDSi access control equipment

The main access control equipment we use for commercial sites that require a more complex system is TDSi. The following are the most common items we install:

Expert2 Controller Unit view spec
Networkable access control unit view spec
TDSi Exprox Proximity reader view spec
TDSi Optica proximity reader view spec

Videx Video and Audio entry systems

Videx Video and Audio entry systems

For a simple audio/video entry system, we normally find that Videx systems are more than sufficient to cater for most of our clients needs – we tend to use three types of system:

  • Audio entry. An intercom is installed at a door, a handset installed in an office and any visitors need to buzz through to get entry which is done by the user in the office lifting the handset and pushing the button on it to release the door. The number of buttons on the intercom and number of handsets required is dependant on how many points within the property the client wishes to have a handset installed, i.e. if there are four floors of offices there will be a four button intercom used and four handsets installed – one to each floor.

  • Video entry. Based on the same principle as the audio system – only there is a camera in the intercom and a monitor on the handset for the client to physically see who wants access to the property.

  • Audio entry with code facility. This system incorporates a keypad onto the intercom, so that people who know the access code can gain access to the property without having to buzz. This means that people who work/live in the property can gain access by entering the code in the keypad and do not need to buzz to gain entry every time (as it is with audio entry).

Bewator access control systems

Bewator access control systems

We use Bewator access control systems for clients who require a more complicated form of audio entry. These systems can connect into a BT landline and when the specified button is pressed on the keypad the intercom will call a certain number (inputted on installation). This means the door can be opened remotely – and doesn’t have to be opened by someone within the same property it is installed to (as with the Videx systems). These systems can also be operated as a standalone system – where the client can gain access without the system communicating to a telephone number for entry.


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