Giles Security Ltd

CCTV for Commercial and Domestic Properties


We offer installation and maintenance of CCTV systems to industrial, commercial and domestic properties.. We offer free services including site surveys, budget costings and system design to those who are considering having a CCTV system installed.

For those with existing CCTV installations, or with any new installations that we perform we offer the option of a maintenance agreement in which the CCTV system gets serviced on a regular basis (the number of visits required is dependant on the size of the system). This aids in the prevention of any future breakdowns that could occur with the system in relation to serviceable parts.

For those of you who would like to install a CCTV system without the aid of a professional security company, we offer a basic DIY package that would be sufficient for your requirements. You will need to know how many cameras you want to install, how long your cable run is going to be, etc, so you can calculate the correct price of the equipment accurately.


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