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Locksmith Service

Locksmith Services

As a company we have many years of experience in the locksmith industry dealing with many large and small organisations. Our works range from simple filing cabinet/desk locks to complicated registered master suite systems. We also offer an emergency call out service for "locks outs" where immediate attention is required.

Master Key Access...

The registered master suite systems that we provide enable the client to have a master key access to all the locks on their site (the cylinders are also keyed to the master pattern), and to also have sub master sections and differs to which different keys under the master suite can open a specified lock on site which will not be able to be opened by another key under the master suite bar from the master key itself. Our clients find this a secure way for control of access to certain rooms and certain people which are given the specified key to open the lock. These keys cannot be cut anywhere else apart from with ourselves. We can also provide padlocks which are keyed to the master suite.

Bi Lock

We are a certified Bi-Lock centre and are able to provide a new Bi-lock system for clients looking for an alternative security system to that which is already installed.

Types of key we offer...

Individual Key Diagram

Common Cylinder Diagram

Group Key Diagram

Master Key Diagram

Grand Master Key Diagram

We also gain access to/repair/service/supply/install all types of safes, key cabinets, etc. We can also offer on site key cutting from one of our vans for any keys which the customer does not want to leave the site.


We offer a maintenance agreement for door servicing, which includes us checking and servicing the following; locks, door closers, floor closers, latches, hanging door stability, handles and door furniture. The price for this servicing and how many visits per year are required would depend upon how many doors are at the property, the type of doors, etc and would require us to perform a site survey in order to confirm a price – we are unable to quote for this via an estimate form. Please contact us via email or telephone if you require a site survey to be arranged.

We also undertake gaining entry and lock changes on repossessions of property, with Bailiffs instructions/attendance - prices upon application.

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