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What to expect from a maintenance visit:

When the intruder alarm is due for a service renewal, we send out a letter to the customer giving the details and price for the service visit. We attach a form to this, which the customer completes and signs to confirm renewal and returns to us. A member of staff from the office will then contact the customer to arrange the visit.

The engineer will perform checks on the intruder alarm system for functionality. Included in this is testing of the sounders, detectors, contacts and battery back up facility. Parts are additional to the service price, e.g. if a new battery is required, then this would be added to the service visit. The same applies for any other equipment on the system. The engineer will complete a report sheet – one copy is left with the customer, one copy is returned to the office for our files and both the customer and engineer are required to sign this.

Alarm Installation

With all of our alarm installations, the customer will receive an SSAIB certificate, and a user/instruction booklet to be kept with the alarm, where the engineer can record subsequent service visit readings etc. We do require for some paperwork to be signed/and completed by the customer which is done on finalisation of the works and given back to the office by the engineer. This is to comply with our SSAIB standards and is a requirement on all of our installations.

The most accurate way we can produce an estimate for an intruder alarm system is to perform a site survey. This enables the engineer to advise you accordingly which equipment is appropriate for your requirements. It is possible to give you an estimate online. However please bear in mind that a site visit may be required to confirm a final price, as there may be other factors that the engineer will find whilst on site that could affect the price.

If you would like an online estimate please complete the form below providing as many details as possible. If you would prefer to speak to someone in person please call 0800 068 1369 and one of our dedicated team will be happy to help.

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