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Roller Shutters - Measuring Guide

Please find the guide below for measuring for the roller shutter; there are two types of roller shutter that can be installed: Face Fix/Reveal fix

Face fix shutters

Face fix shutters are fitted onto the face of the opening. Mounting the shutter onto the face of an opening is the most typical method for most installation locations. The shutter is fitted above the opening with the guide channels to either side

Reveal fix shutters

Reveal fix shutters are fitted into the opening, with no overlap either side. With this type of shutter, measurements need to be 100% accurate when measuring the opening width and height, otherwise there could be a lot of extra work involved (packing if the shutter is too small or needing to cut brickwork back if the shutter is too large). This type of shutter is commonly used when there is not a face present for the shutter to fix to (e.g. doorways or cabinets).


Measure the overall width of the shutter, the total height and the clear opening height: On face-fix shutters, it is recommended that the angle/guide rails are set 75mm on from each edge of the structural opening width. If the door is to be fitted within the reveal (side fix) of the opening, the angle/guide rails will be within the structural opening.

Measuring for a Roller Shutter

Some things to bear in mind when measuring for a roller shutter are:

  • Will the shutter catch on anything that protrudes past the brick-line (i.e. handles, window pane)
  • If the window/door opens outwards, will it still open when the shutter is installed?
  • Do not forget that the shutter hangs down at least 55mm into the guide rails, below the head-plates/box.
  • Always measure the top, middle and bottom within the reveal of the opening.
  • Ensure that there is sufficient room for the shutter head-plates, shutter box and shutter guide rails.
  • Decide which would be the best side for the operator to be on. If electric operated, then position nearest side to the power supply.


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